Grass, Pollen, Mold Count
San Antonio, Texas

Texas - Headaches in San Antonio may be due to
seasonal allergies, or related to tension or migraines.

Tylenol, Acetaminophen-Ibuprofen-Asprin (Advil, Motrin)
may help. Excedrin include two types of headache relief,
naproxen sodium (Aleve) along with caffeine.
Try Bee Honey. Book peanut-free flights, monitoring alerts
Black mold testing, dry hypo allergenic carpet cleaning
Indoor dust and animal dander short-haired dogs are
worst for dander, hayfever. Red dry eyes allergy symptoms.
Candles pull dust out of the air. Get local climate forecasts.
Weatherbug - pollen updates

Fireplace smoke can be as bad as cigarette smoking.
Good housekeeping and cleaning can minimize the danger
to your family from second hand smoke. High count alert
Many severe sufferers move to Albuquerque, NM

Texas Pollen Count - Grass clippings from mowing
Elm pollen, Cedar, Juniper trees flowers - Summer-Winter
Ragweed, pollen species forecast - hayfever sympthoms
Visine takes the red out of eyes, but Murine may be better
natural tear saline solution - contact lenses irritation

Texas Mold Count - Mold can stuff up my sinsuses.
Iodine-free salt water can help rag weed - Epsom Salt.

Texas Mountain Cedar - When this pollen count
is high many asthma sympthoms may flare up allergens.
Inhalers of antihistamines may give relief during this season.

Heat Index - be careful of Sun Stroke in this hot weather.
Hotter than Hell bike rides